The focus of our Early Pre School program is to allow children ownership of their learning by teaching them to make appropriate choices. Throughout the morning, toddlers choose from a variety of learning areas and materials to explore and investigate. Toddlers enroll 2, 3 or 5 mornings a week. Our student: staff ratio is 4: 1.


Early Pre School Curriculum

Throughout the year our trained staff observe your toddler as they engage in a variety of activities. From these observations we create opportunities to challenge and support your child in each of the following curricula areas.

Sense of Self

  • Expressing Initiative

  • Distinguishing self from others

  • Solving problems

  • Developing self-help skills

Social Relations

  • Forming attachments to staff

  • Relating to unfamiliar adults

  • Relating to another child

  • Expressing emotion

  • Responding to the feeling of others

  • Playing with others

Creative Representation

  • Pretending

  • Exploring and building art materials

  • Responding to and identifying pictures and photographs


  • Moving parts of the body

  • Moving the whole of the body

  • Moving with objects

  • Moving to music

Communication and Language

  • Listening and Responding

  • Communicating interest non-verbally

  • Participating in give-and-take communication

  • Speaking

  • Exploring picture books

  • Showing interest in stories, rhymes, songs

Exploration and Early Logic

  • Exploring objects

  • Exploring categories

  • Developing number understanding

  • Exploring space

  • Exploring time


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