This program serves infants and their accompanying nanny. By providing a language rich, stimulating environment, children begin to see themselves as independent, confident learners. Motivated nannies will learn new methods of interacting with children and a multitude of songs and activities they can use in the home. Infants can enroll from 1 up to 5 mornings a week. The ratio is 1 teacher for every 6 nanny/infant pairs.


Infant Curriculum:

Our infants are observed and supported in four developmental areas based on checklists from “The Complete Resource Book for Infants” (3 months – 24 months) and the British Columbia Ministry of Health (ages 24 – 30 months). Each child will engage in a variety of activities to encourage growth in:



  • Awareness of sounds

  • Developing Vocabulary



  • Becoming a social being

  • Building Trust

  • Developing Impulse Control

  • Enhancing Social Interactions

  • Developing Humor


Physical Development:

  • Moving and Exploring

  • Gross Motor Skills


Cognitive Development:

  • Cause and Effect Relationships

  • Problem Solving Skills

  • Promote Curiosity

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