Through play children learn collaboration by working with peers to solve a variety of problems and creating group projects. During small group, children meet with their lead teacher to challenge and support their individual development in one of the six curricular areas. These students are enrolled 2, 3 or 5 mornings a week with a student: staff ratio of 6: 1.



Throughout the year our trained staff observe your child as they engage in a variety of activities. From these observations we create opportunities to challenge and support your child in each of the following curricula areas.


  • Making choices and plans

  • Solving problems with materials

  • Initiating play

  • Taking care of personal needs


Social Relation

  • Relating to adults

  • Relating to other children

  • Resolving interpersonal conlfict

  • Understanding and expressing feelings


Creative Representation

  • Making and building models

  • Drawing and painting pictures

  • Pretending


Music and Movement

  • Moving in various ways

  • Moving with objects

  • Feeeling and expressing a steady beat

  • Moving to music

  • Singing


Language and Literacy

  • Listening to and understanding speech

  • Using vocabulary

  • Using complex patterns of speech

  • Showing awareness of sound in words

  • Demonstrating knowledge about books

  • Using letter names and sounds

  • Reading

  • Writing


Mathematics and Science

  • Sorting objects

  • Identifying patterns

  • Comparing properties

  • Counting

  • Identifying position and direction

  • Identifying sequence, change, and causality

  • Identifying materials and properties

  • Identifying natural and living things

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