Since the needs and interests of our students are our primary focus, our schedule is very flexible and does not strictly follow the clock. At some point in the morning, your child will participate in each of the following:


Welcome/Choice Time/Wash Up – 7:00 – 9:00 is dedicated to welcoming children as they arrive and allowing them the opportunity to smoothly transition into the school environment. Parents and siblings are invited, and encouraged, to join their student at this time – meeting friends, other families, and seeing what new and exciting things we have been doing. Students from all of our morning programs play and interact together freely in the area of their choice.


Greeting Time/Large Group – Each program gathers for a shared large group experience comprised of songs and language activities designed to increase vocabulary/language/problem solving skills, build a sense of community, and help children get settled into the day.


Small Group – Children divide into smaller groups either by age/developmental level or based on the activity they have chosen from the four or five we have prepared for them.


Snack/Recess– Everyone gathers for a picnic inside/outside and 20 – 30 minutes of free play.


Plan/Work/Recall – This is the largest block of time and is the core of our Active Learning Program. It is designed to provide an opportunity for students to make age appropriate plans and work independently or collaboratively to complete them. As students mature, they will begin to meet at the end of this time to share their work and answer questions from teachers and peers.


Art – This is the main focus of the Reggio Emilia program. (Click here for more information about Reggio Emilia). Through planning, problem solving and follow through, children are exposed to a variety of media and experiences with art materials and allowed to create their own masterpieces. At the end of the year we hold an Art Auction of the children’s collaborative work to raise money for our Community Outreach Program. The Infants explore art materials in their own small group as their interest in messy play develops.


Music – This curriculum focuses on songs, language, movement, beat and rhythm. Students gain confidence performing in a group and to an audience of families.


Library – Each week a focus book is read with a supporting activity following. Afterward, children have time to read by themselves or with friends. Each child may check out one book a week to take home and share with their family.


Pick Up – Everyone enjoys free play either outside/inside for pick up. Families are again invited, and encouraged, to spend time with their child in the school setting during pick up.


Afternoon Activities – Our afternoons are designed to be an enrichment of the mornings. Depending on how long they stay, students may: choose a learning area, have lunch and quiet time, and an activity such as music, art, science, math, language or exploration.

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