Parents are the first, and by far the most important, part of a child’s education. At Head to Toe we want you to feel that the school is an extension of the home. We recognize that parents play a huge role in their child’s education and so provide several opportunities throughout the year for families to join in their student’s school experience. We also respect that many of our families have work obligations during the day, and so plan as many of these events as possible on weekends or after work hours. For example:




Family Day

One Saturday each semester we hold a Family Day full of food, fun and friends coming together to show their support and pride in our young students. Past Family Days have had had photo and art displays, a cinema to view the students own movies and musical performances from each age group.

Art Auction

The annual Art Auction is a magical evening showcasing our students collaborative pieces. This formal catered event for parents raises money for our Community Outreach charity.

Parent and Me Days

We offer a variety of experiences for you and your child to share together, such as; yoga, tumbling, music, art and curriculum focus days.

Open House

We open our school year on a Saturday for parents, students and siblings to meet our staff and their peers, learn about the routine and curriculum and to settle into to the new year.


At the end of the year each family receives a DVD with photos of their child at school and a video slideshow portfolio highlighting their growth and progress over the year.

Facebook Group

Our private facebook group is for existing families to share information, items for sale, staff for hire, activities………and notices about school.


Twice a year we invite parents to come for parent/teacher conferences. Additionally, each fall, we invite parents to spend a morning in a student led conference with their child.

Weekly News and Notes

Each week the teachers send anecdotes and highlights for the week and the plans for the next week. The Director sends a separate email with any important administrative details.

School Beautification Day

Parents and teachers come together to garden, paint and build and have fun!

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