For the safety and security of all our children, H2T will only allow visitors we know into the compound or those with a pre-arranged appointment. As recommended by the Ethiopian Government in accordance with any possible security threat in Addis we screen/wand each person entering the compound.


We are in constant radio contact with the US Embassy and have contact details of all parents when the school is closed as well as open. In the event of a threat outside school hours we would inform the parents by mobile phone or email, if possible, to notify them of if school will be closed for children.


  • Fire - children are calmly evacuated, moved to a safe location in the garden, or if necessary to the side street, attendance is taken and the parents notified.

  • External Threat or Weather Emergency - teachers remain with the students inside their designated safe haven until the situation is under control and/or we have been given clearance by local police/US Embassy.

  • Our guards are trained by the US Embassy and will follow the procedure we have subsequently put in place. The parents will be notified as soon as possible and once we have the all clear they will be contacted to collect their children. In this situation, for security reasons, we will not release any children to anyone other than their parents, unless we have parents’ verbal permission at the time.

  • As a component of the US Government's Soft Target Grant - our external compound has been assessed and all recommended security measures have been installed and put into place.

  • We are in radio contact with the US Embassy, as well as their mobile patrol. In any and all

    events we will contact either/or and follow their directions and guidelines.


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